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Christian Mantuano was born in Rome in 1985. He approaches photography during high school. His photographic research starts with street reportage, highlighting the relationship between man and public space, territory and news. He becomes professional journalist at the age of 24 and starts his career in Bari, Italy, working on several short films and music video clips as DOP and video editor. In 2010 he attends a urban photography workshop at the International Center of Photography in New York. In 2013 he founds the working group One Shot Image and since then he focuses on photojournalism. In 2017 his photographic project "Alvoto_Alvoto: a daily report on Italian politics from 2011 to 2016" is presented at the Internazionale Festival in Ferrara. His works are currently published in the main Italian and foreign magazines. In recent years, on top of the photographic work, he works on the video production as video maker and director. Since 2015 he has been collaborating with international broadcasters like Aljazeera, Euronews, Trt world and Vice News America realizing corporate videos and news reportages. During 2020 he started collaborations as DOP with Sky Arte, PulseFilmsItalia and Except. He currently lives and works in Rome.