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photographer Christian Mantuano

April, 2016

Walking through the immense land of Argentina, hand by hand with my love and with the Leica constantly on my neck. At first sight the country apprears to be stuck in the past. An economic boom seem to have been sudden and brief. Many buildings are left in their original shape with evident lack of maintenance, though the concrete in the city as well as the endless lowland look incredibly beautiful to me. 
I appreciate the non-modernity of such places. In a way, the region of Buenos Aires today reminds me of Italy in the 60’ with their slow rhythm of life and the vintage aesthetic. In Argentina people live with simplicity - a sort of basic relax underlies every activity. Such tranquillity may be hard to understand considering the serious economic problems of the crisis-hit country, and it may be even harder for those who are not from the South. 
As they say, it must be the “buena onda”. Urban art is everywhere and spreads around in all its forms. It accompanies my tour, leading me to discover places where poverty is evident: the perfect fertile ground for artistic experimentation. Uncommon sights in everyday life and timeless landscapes: all along our walk through the Argentinian love.
Tomar con Amor

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