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photographer Christian Mantuano 

photoreportage for a Covid book pubblication.
July 2020

As we all know, Covid-19 caused a lot of victims, but it has also generated a surreal timeframe, a break for everyone. It has been a time to reflect and an emotional catalyst. During the different phases of this pandemic, I have been around and captured the various realities related reflecting the “suspension” which entered forcefully into our lives.
To witness the virus and the way it was hitting...
I thought I wasn’t interested. I was more drawn to all that was happening around it: human relationships, fears, uncertainty, anxiety for the future, and sometimes a bit of superficiality.
I have been living the present as always, with lot of curiosity and a sort of emotional detachment from this invisible enemy. 
Then a call changed my perspective: “Come to the hospital, there is something that the world needs to know”. 
That night I couldn’t sleep, I spent hours thinking of what to do. I was fascinated by the idea of telling the life story of doctors, nurses, and all the people that operate in the sector. I wasn’t convinced by the media. So I decided to jump on it.
Soldiers in the first line, fighting a different war: no bombs from the sky nor in the street. Just the sounds of respirators and monitors. Human beings constantly wearing a mask; living and breathing in it. I got to know something, a completely new world that I was ignoring. 
Commitment, sacrifice, frustration, satisfaction, professionalism and love for one another, patients and colleagues that share your field in the battle.
I believed that in this surreal time, people that love their job have made the real difference. 
The purpose of this book is to show the reality underneath our perception of reality, where love and commitment are the constant.
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